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Wealth Management was first coined in United States in 1933, but the history didn’t begin from there. On 21st March 1924, Massachusetts Investor Trust launched the first open-ended mutual funds. The first concept of Mutual Funds began as early as 1774, as a form of investment trust by Dutch merchant Adriaan Van Ketwich. The fund name is “Eendragt Maatk Magt” which means unity creates strength. Dutch history didn’t stop there. In 1602, the “modern exchange” Amsterdam Stock Exchange was formed by the Dutch East India Co – incidentally also the “first listed stock” in the world.

History went further into 1472 as Banca Monte dei Paschi S.p.A is the oldest surviving bank in the world. It was founded by the magistrate of city state of Siena, Italy. In Genoa, Maritime Insurance is the earliest known form of insurance contract – an event traced to 1347. Follow us as we unlock history and the future at The Wealth Insider.

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