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Hong Kong Replaces London as The World’s Most Expensive City for Renting Office

Hong Kong Replaces London as The World’s Most Expensive City for Renting Office

Hong Kong has replaced London as the world’s most expensive city for businesses to rent an office.  In Hong Kong, the annual average cost of a workstation is now $27,432 while London cost $22,665 per workstation.  Tokyo is third, averaging $18,111 per workstation.

“The average annual cost per workstation in Hong Kong is $27,432, while London cost $22,665 ”

The 4th most expensive city is Fairfield Country, Connecticut, U.S. – which houses many investment management firms including Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest Hedge Funds.  Since 1960s, many companies had shifted from Manhattan to Fairfield Country.   The report is released by Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate services firm.


2017 Top 10 Most Expensive Cities:

Annual  Cost Per Workstations ‘ USD

2017 2016 City Annual Workstation Cost ‘USD
1 2 Hong Kong $27,432
2 1 London’s West End $22,665
3 3 Tokyo $18,111
4 5 Fairfield County, Connecticut, U.S. $17,414
5 4 San Francisco $16,205
6 6 New York City $15,931
7 7 Silicon Valley $15,004
8 8 Geneva $13,424
9 10 Sydney $11,997
10 9 Paris $11,756

Source: Cushman & Wakefield

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