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Top 5 Investment Banks Reported $2.55 Billion in M&A Fees in Q2 2017

Top 5 Investment Banks Reported $2.55 Billion in M&A Fees in Q2 2017

America’s top 5 largest Investment banks reported $2.55 billion in M&A advisory fees in Q2 2017, according to a report by Forbes with data from Thomson Reuters.  It is the best quarter since Q4 2015.

” Top 5 US Investment Banks reported $2.55 billion in M&A fees or 26.7% of Market Share “

The top 5 Investment Banks in United States captured 26.7% of market share revenue, $2.55 billion of $9.57 billion.  Goldman Sachs leads the pack at 7.8% or $749 million revenue.

  1. Goldman Sachs – $749 Million (7.8%)
  2. Bank of America – $504 Million (5.3%)
  3. Morgan Stanley – $503 Million (5.3%)
  4. JP Morgan – $483 Million (5.0%)
  5. Citigroup – $314 Million (3.3%)

Data: Thomson Reuters

Source: Forbes


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