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Temasek Holdings Portfolio Rises to Record US$199 Billion

Temasek Holdings Portfolio Rises to Record US$199 Billion

Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings reported a nearly 14 percent jump in its portfolio value to a record S$275 billion ($199 billion) last year, due to gains in shares of Chinese banks and of its Singapore companies. The gains in the portfolio have reversed a 9 percent decline in its assets a year ago.

“The gains in the portfolio have reversed a 9 percent decline in its assets a year ago.”

~ Bloomberg

Returns for sovereign funds have rebounded as global stocks rallied. Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund generated a return of 5.9 percent in the year ended March 31, recovering from its worst performance since the global financial crisis.

  • One-year return to shareholder of 13%
  • 10- and 20-year return to shareholder of 4% and 6%, respectively
  • 15% return to shareholder, compounded annually since inception in 1974
  • Dividend income of S$7 billion, or about 19 times our interest expense for the year
  • Invested S$16 billion and divested S$18 billion, resulting in net divestment

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About Temasek

Incorporated in 1974, Temasek is an investment company headquartered in Singapore. Supported by 10 offices internationally, Temasek owns a S$275 billion portfolio as at 31 March 2017, mainly in Singapore and the rest of Asia.Our portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries: financial services; telecommunications, media & technology; transportation & industrials; consumer & real estate; life sciences & agribusiness; as well as energy & resources.

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