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The Flourish of Terrorism

The Flourish of Terrorism

The recent attack at the Louvre in February 2017 was one of the latest in a list of terrorist assaults over the past two years. 2016 witnessed an 4.5 times increase in number of terrorist attacks compared with 2015. The search for political solutions remains a top priority in diplomatic and military agenda of most countries. However attacks have not decreased and in the first two months of 2017, there have been around 160 terrorist attacks in January and another 110 in February.  The visualisation below shows a summary of all attacks month by month and compares them with the monthly total of previous year.

“2016 witnessed an 4.5 times increase in number of terrorist attacks compared with 2015.”

~ Visual Assessment

With stricter compliance and more controls in place, banks are getting fined for negligence, but it seems the costs of compliance with anti terror financing regulations and money laundering have returned very few results. Maybe the answer is that terrorism either uses informal routes to finance their attacks or they are just inexpensive.

Visual Assessment Terrorism 2

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