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Ferrari Shipped 8,398 Supercars in 2017

Ferrari Shipped 8,398 Supercars in 2017

Ferrari had shipped 8,398 supercars in 2017, and is projected to ship more than 9,000 cars in 2018.  The Italian supercar maker reported net profit of Euro 537 million and 3.417 billion revenue.

” Ferrari shipped 8,398 supercars in 2017 “

Ferrari, spin off  from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 2015, was listed at around $10 billion in market value.  The current market value of Ferrari is more than $24 billion (2nd February 2018).

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About Ferrari

Ferrari is among the world’s leading luxury brands focused on the design, engineering, production and sale of the world’s most recognizable luxury performance sports cars. Ferrari brand symbolizes exclusivity, innovation, state-of-the-art sporting performance and Italian design. Its history and the image enjoyed by its cars are closely associated with its Formula 1 racing team, Scuderia Ferrari, the most successful team in Formula 1 history. From the inaugural year of Formula 1 in 1950 through the present, Scuderia Ferrari has won 229 Grand Prix races, 16 Constructor World titles and 15 Drivers’ World titles. Ferrari designs, engineers and produces its cars in Maranello, Italy, and sells them in over 60 markets worldwide.

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